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Intelligent pop ups not just grow your sales but also ensure customer retention. Create a niche for your website brand by deploying targeted pop ups and automated messages that enable customized interaction with the users in real - time with Feedify.


A great notification message is one of the ideal ways to increase your sales pitch. Providing some vital information about your products and services, it is bound to attract customers. Flash them at the right time to deliver usage based guidance or information such as sales, discounts, offers, etc.


Feedify brings to you brilliantly designed surveys that can be scheduled and automated based on the user base interaction. Helping you achieve effortless marketing automation that can be iterated and adapted in real-time. Indulge your customers into delivering vital information that will enable further growth and success of your website.

Learn how Feedify can help you to understand your customer better


Feedify Your Growth

Giving the power to effectively engage your customers into your hands!
Speed up your growth with Feedify.


The ideal way to gather that much needed attention with your custom made notifications, surveys and pop ups! We make sure that when a customer comes to you - he stays with you!


Looking for a virtual platform where you can ensure you are imprinted into the minds of your customers? Our tools that generate customized communication models will do that for you!


Scale up in your growth chart, because a customer retained is a customer for life

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