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10 May, 2024 • 8 min read

Transactional and Promotional Messaging: Examples, Consent, and Best Practices

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Key Takeaways

  • Transactional messages help things run smoothly and make sure customers get important info on time.
  • When you give permission, you’re saying it’s okay to send you cool stuff through push notifications, email, and texts. This helps us connect better with you.
  • Getting permission for texts is super important for keeping customers engaged and making our brand look good.
  • You can give permission by saying “yes” in a text, filling out a form on our website, or just talking to us clearly.
  • To do SMS marketing right, we split people into groups, send messages at the right time, test things out, listen to what you like, and share stuff you find helpful.


When are Transactional Messages Sent?

Do you wonder when businesses send transactional messages?

Transactional messages are typically sent when there’s a need for urgent and essential communication with customers.

These messages play a critical role in providing direct utility or serving a necessary purpose in the customer journey.


Examples from Different Industries

Transactional messages are super important in different industries like online shopping, online doctor visits, and digital money to give users important updates and info. In online shopping, these messages tell you when your order is confirmed, when it’s being shipped, and when it’s arriving, all to make your shopping experience better.

Online doctor visits use these messages to remind patients to report any symptoms and teach them about their treatment plans, to make the patient-doctor relationship stronger.

In the digital money world, messages like confirming transactions and updating your wallet are crucial to help you along your journey. Looking at all these industries together shows how these messages are used differently but always to tackle specific challenges effectively.

These messages are key to making sure everything goes smoothly and you get the right info at the right time.


Examples of Transactional Messages

Let’s explore some examples of transactional messages in different industries:

In e-commerce, these messages can include:

  • Order confirmations
  • Shipping updates
  • Delivery notifications

These messages aim to enhance the customer experience.

Similarly, in telehealth, transactional messages serve to:

  • Remind patients of symptoms
  • Educate them about treatment regimens

In the crypto industry, transactional messages provide:

  • Important updates like transaction confirmations
  • Wallet status.



When you buy stuff online, you get messages about your orders. These messages tell you if your order is confirmed, when it’s shipped, and when it’ll be delivered. They help make your shopping experience smoother by giving you important updates quickly.

Here’s why these messages are important:

  • Order Confirmations: These messages make you feel sure that your order went through.
  • Shipping Updates: They tell you where your package is and when you can expect it.
  • Delivery Notifications: These let you know when your package will arrive, getting you excited to receive it.



When you buy things online, messages about your orders are super important. In telehealth, these messages are more than just tracking packages. They help patients stay involved and keep track of their health even from far away.

Telehealth messages remind patients to share how they’re feeling between appointments, so they get continuous care. These messages also teach patients about their treatments, helping them follow the plan and stay healthy.



Crypto messages are super important in the crypto world. They help you stay updated on your transactions and wallet status in real-time. These messages make sure you know what’s happening with your money and give you peace of mind. They also tell you about the safety measures for your wallet to keep your digital coins secure.

You can get these messages through push notifications, emails, or text messages to know what’s going on with your crypto money quickly. By getting these updates, you can keep an eye on your crypto money and make sure your transactions are safe.


Promotional Messages Examples

When looking at promotional message examples, consider how multimedia and design software companies use updates, special offers, and demos to engage customers.

In the fitness and health industry, promotional messages might focus on workout routines, nutrition plans, and wellness tips.

Likewise, food delivery services often send promotions for special deals, discounts, and new menu items to enhance the customer experience.


Multimedia and design software

Are you into designing stuff on your computer? Stay updated with the latest changes in design software to get better tools and features.

Learn about new design trends to make your projects stand out and be ahead in the game.

Take advantage of special deals to get more software without spending a lot.

Watch demos to see how these tools can make your designs look amazing.

By staying in the loop with updates and trends, you can make sure your projects are modern and cool.

Don’t miss out on these helpful resources to boost your creativity and make your designs even better.


Fitness and health

Get updates on how you’re doing with your health and fitness goals with messages we send you. We’ll give you workouts to try and meal plans that are good for you. Here’s what you can expect from our messages:

  • Health Tracking: We’ll tell you how you’re doing with your health goals.
  • Workout Routines: We’ll give you exercises that match your fitness goals.
  • Nutrition Plans: Get meal plans approved by experts for a healthy diet.
  • Wellness Tips: Learn about how to take care of your body and mind.
  • Motivational Quotes: Get inspired every day to keep going.


Food delivery

Food delivery services can make your mealtime more fun! You’ll get cool updates and special deals to make ordering food super easy. Here’s how these services can make your dining experience better:

  • Special deals and discounts are offered to make your meals more affordable.
  • You can try new menu items that will excite your taste buds.
  • Contactless deliveries make it convenient and safe for you.
  • Get personalized menu recommendations based on what you like.
  • Stay informed about the latest offers to enjoy your next meal even more.


Establishing Consent for Marketing Channels

To effectively engage with your audience through marketing channels, it’s important to establish consent for push notifications, email, and SMS. By obtaining explicit consent for these channels, you guarantee that your promotional messages reach users who are genuinely interested in your content.


Push Notifications

Getting push notifications means saying ‘yes’ to getting messages on your phone. It’s important for companies to know you want these updates. When you choose to get notifications, you show you’re interested in what they’ve to say. You can pick what kind of messages you want to get, so you only see the ones that matter to you. This helps you get the most out of the notifications and stay connected with the things you care about.

Saying ‘yes’ to push notifications shows you want to hear from a brand.

Picking your notification preferences helps you get messages that fit your interests.

Getting these updates creates a direct line to hear about new stuff and special deals.

It’s a way to make sure you’re in the loop and don’t miss out on anything cool.



Consent for email marketing means getting permission to send promotional emails. People need to say “yes” before a business can send them emails. This can happen when users sign up on a website or choose what kind of emails they want to get. Getting permission helps businesses send the right content to the right people. It also makes sure that emails are delivered successfully and follow the rules.

Why Consent for Email Marketing is Important
1. People engage more with emails 2. Builds trust with the audience
3. Ensures emails reach the inbox 4. Allows for personalized messages
5. Follows email laws 6. Lowers the number of people unsubscribing


SMS (Text Messaging)

When you plan your marketing, getting permission for text messages (SMS) is super important. Texting is a big part of marketing, so it’s crucial to ask people if they want to get your messages. To make sure it’s okay to send SMS, people need to say they want to get texts from you. This not only follows the rules but also makes customers happy. You can ask for permission through a text reply or a simple form on your website.

Getting clear permission for SMS marketing helps you respect your customers’ choices and build a good relationship with them. Keep up with SMS marketing trends to make your messages even better.

  • Getting permission for SMS marketing is key.
  • People should agree to get your texts.
  • Asking for permission shows you care about your customers.
  • Keeping up with SMS trends can boost your marketing.


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