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8 May, 2024 • 9 min read

What You Should and Shouldn’t Be Using Push Notifications For

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Use push notifications for instant updates, user engagement, and driving traffic. They can boost retention and satisfaction. Avoid using them for acquiring new users or promoting irrelevant content. Mistakes like excessive messages or lack of personalization can harm engagement. Segment audiences, tailor messages, and keep them concise for success. Understanding these key principles is critical for effective push notification strategies.


Key Takeaways

  • Use push notifications for instant updates and important news.
  • Avoid using push notifications for acquiring new users or promoting unrelated products.
  • Utilize push notifications to enhance user engagement and retention.
  • Do not send irrelevant or excessive notifications to prevent user opt-outs.
  • Prioritize user value and segmentation to maximize push notification effectiveness.


What Are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are a valuable tool that allows you to receive instant updates from apps or websites, keeping you informed and engaged. When it comes to push notification benefits, they’re excellent for increasing user retention and driving traffic to content.

However, there are also challenges to take into account. One main challenge is ensuring that notifications aren’t intrusive or irrelevant, as this can lead to user fatigue and decreased engagement. To tackle this, implementing effective push notification engagement strategies is key.

Strategies such as personalizing notifications based on user preferences, sending timely and relevant updates, and segmenting your audience can greatly enhance engagement levels. By adopting these strategies, you can maximize the benefits of push notifications while overcoming the challenges they present.


Why Are Push Notifications Important?

By enabling direct communication with users, push notifications become an essential tool for enhancing user engagement and retention in digital platforms. The importance of engagement can’t be overstated when it comes to keeping users active and interested in your app or website.

Push notifications allow you to instantly connect with your audience, providing them with relevant information and updates that keep them engaged and coming back for more. Utilizing push notifications as part of your user retention strategies gives you complete control over the content and timing of your messages, ensuring that you can deliver value to your subscribers consistently.

This direct engagement channel not only keeps users informed but also allows you to tailor your communication to their preferences, ultimately leading to increased retention rates and a more loyal user base. Embracing push notifications as a key component of your user retention strategy can have a significant impact on the success of your digital platform.


What Not to Use Push Notifications For

When utilizing push notifications, avoid using them for:

  • Acquiring new users
  • Promoting other products
  • Sharing messages lacking value
  • Requesting app ratings

These practices can result in user fatigue and reduced engagement levels. Opt for strategies that prioritize user retention and value-driven communication to maintain a positive engagement experience.

This ensures that push notifications are used effectively to enhance user experience and engagement with your app.


Acquiring Users

To effectively utilize push notifications, it’s essential to refrain from using them as a means to acquire new users for your app or website. Push notifications are more suited for enhancing user engagement and delivering messages that are relevant to your audience.

Using push notifications solely for user acquisition purposes can lead to user fatigue and decreased engagement. Instead, focus on providing value to your existing users through timely updates, personalized content, and relevant information.


Advertising Another Product

Avoid using push notifications for promoting other products or services as it can lead to user fatigue and decreased engagement. Implementing product promotions or cross-selling strategies through push notifications might irritate users and result in them disengaging with your app or website.

Studies show that excessive promotional notifications lead to increased opt-out rates and negative user experiences. Instead, focus on providing valuable content and updates that align with users’ interests and preferences.


Sharing Messages that Don’t Provide Value

Consider the value your messages provide before sending push notifications to your users. Your push notifications should focus on delivering a strong value proposition and align with your engagement strategy.

Make sure that the content you share adds to the user experience and is relevant to their interests. Irrelevant messages can lead to user dissatisfaction and decreased engagement levels.


Requesting App Ratings

When requesting app ratings through push notifications, focus on timing and relevance to guarantee user engagement and satisfaction. To ensure a positive response, consider the following strategies:

  1. App Engagement: Timing is vital when asking for app ratings. Request feedback after users have interacted positively with your app to increase the likelihood of receiving higher ratings.
  2. User Feedback: Make sure the request for ratings is accompanied by a prompt for user feedback. This shows users that you value their opinions and are interested in improving their experience.
  3. Avoid Overwhelming Users: Limit the frequency of rating requests to prevent annoying users and potentially driving them away from your app.


What Push Notifications Should Be Used For

When considering what push notifications should be used for, focus on strategies that drive user retention, provide timely updates or urgent news, reduce abandoned carts, and showcase new content.

By utilizing push notifications for these purposes, you can effectively keep users engaged, informed, and ultimately increase retention and conversion rates.

Prioritizing these key points guarantees that your push notification strategy is data-driven and strategically aligned with maximizing user engagement.


Increasing User Retention

To boost user retention effectively, utilize push notifications to provide timely updates, urgent news, reduce abandoned carts, and showcase new content.

  1. Timely Updates: Send notifications about new features or updates to keep users engaged.
  2. Urgent News: Inform users about time-sensitive offers or important announcements to maintain their interest.
  3. New Content: Highlight fresh content or products to entice users to revisit your platform.


Providing Timely Updates or Urgent News

For timely updates and urgent news, utilize push notifications to keep users informed and engaged effectively. Push notifications are essential for improving engagement and enhancing communication with your audience.

By sending timely updates and urgent news through push notifications, you can guarantee that users stay informed about important information related to your app or website. This real-time communication method allows you to reach your users instantly, increasing the chances of them engaging with the content or taking necessary actions promptly.

Utilizing push notifications for providing timely updates and urgent news is a strategic way to keep your audience engaged and connected, ultimately leading to improved user retention and satisfaction.


Reducing Abandoned Carts

By targeting users who’ve abandoned carts, push notifications can effectively prompt them to complete their purchases and reduce cart abandonment rates. Push notifications are a valuable tool for improving conversions and implementing cart abandonment strategies. Here’s how they can help:

  1. Reminder: Send timely reminders to users about their abandoned carts, nudging them to complete their purchase.
  2. Incentives: Offer discounts or promotions to entice users to finalize their transactions.
  3. Personalization: Use personalized messages to re-engage users, reminding them of the items left in their carts.

Implementing these strategies through push notifications can notably reduce cart abandonment rates and boost conversion numbers.


Showcasing New Content

Showcasing new content through push notifications can greatly enhance user engagement and drive traffic to your platform. Utilize push notifications as a powerful tool for content promotion and engagement strategies.

By delivering timely updates on fresh content, you can keep users informed and interested in what your platform has to offer. Engage your audience by providing value through showcasing new articles, products, or features directly to their devices.

This targeted approach to content delivery can lead to increased user engagement and retention rates. Make the most of push notifications to captivate your audience’s attention and encourage them to explore the latest offerings on your platform, fostering a stronger connection with your users.


Push Notification Mistakes to Avoid

Avoiding certain push notification mistakes is vital to maintaining user engagement and preventing fatigue. To guarantee your push notifications are effective, here are three key mistakes to avoid:

  1. Sending Too Many Notifications: Bombarding users with a high volume of notifications can lead to annoyance and ultimately cause them to opt-out of receiving further messages. It’s essential to strike a balance and only send notifications that are truly valuable and relevant to the user.
  2. Sending Irrelevant or Spammy Messages: Users appreciate notifications that provide them with useful information or updates that align with their interests. Sending irrelevant or spammy messages can quickly turn users away and decrease engagement levels.
  3. Not Segmenting Audiences: Failing to segment your audience and sending blanket notifications to all users can result in lower engagement rates. Segmenting your audience based on interests, behaviors, or demographics allows for more targeted and personalized notifications, increasing the chances of user interaction and retention.


Best Practices for Web and Mobile Push

To improve user engagement and retention with push notifications, it’s essential to implement best practices for web and mobile push effectively. Segmenting audiences based on interests and behaviors is important for delivering personalized messages that resonate with users. By understanding your audience segments, you can tailor your notifications to their preferences, leading to higher engagement rates.

Additionally, utilizing concise messaging guarantees that your notifications are clear, relevant, and attention-grabbing. Users appreciate direct and to-the-point notifications that convey the message efficiently. Providing timely and relevant updates is also critical to keeping users informed and engaged.



To sum up, push notifications are a valuable tool for engaging and retaining your audience when used strategically. Avoid using them for spam or irrelevant messages, and focus on delivering timely and personalized content that adds value to your users.

By following best practices and steering clear of common mistakes, you can maximize the impact of push notifications on your audience, driving traffic and keeping them coming back for more.


Ankur, with over 20 years of expertise, simplifies the complex world of online marketing to boost your conversion rates. He shares actionable insights that anyone can apply to see immediate results. Trust Ankur to guide you through proven strategies that enhance your online presence and profitability.

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