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27 May, 2024 • 6 min read

User Engagement: The Impact of Push Notifications on Customer Lifecycle

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You’re getting a decent open rate for your push notifications, but what about the real impact on your customer lifecycle? To truly understand, you need to track outcomes beyond clicks. By doing so, you’ll uncover how push notifications influence user behavior, driving conversions, and ultimately, revenue growth. You’ll learn how to improve your strategy by focusing on pivotal metrics and leveraging data insights. Dive deeper to discover the secrets to optimizing your push notification strategy and tapping into the full potential of your customer lifecycle.


Key Takeaways

  • Push notifications influence user behavior, driving conversions, and revenue growth through direct outcomes like purchases and sign-ups.
  • Custom event tracking helps measure campaign effectiveness by monitoring user engagement and attributing outcomes to push notification campaigns.
  • Industry-specific tracking of outcomes, such as purchases, logins, and in-game purchases, enables businesses to refine their push notification strategies.
  • Accurate tracking of outcomes like user retention and churn rate informs data-driven decisions to optimize push notification campaigns and enhance customer engagement.
  • By tracking influenced and unattributed outcomes, businesses can comprehend the full impact of push notifications on the customer lifecycle and improve overall user experience.



Buffer - push notification best practices

When we look at how well push notifications work, just looking at click-through rates (CTR) mightn’t give us the full picture. CTR only shows if someone clicked on a notification, but it doesn’t tell us what they did next.

Did they buy something, sign up, or leave without finishing? To really understand, we need to dig deeper into how users behave.

To get a clearer picture:
– CTR only shows if someone clicked on a notification.
– It doesn’t reveal what actions they took afterwards.
– We need to analyze user behavior.


Understanding Outcome Tracking

Outcome tracking helps you see what people do after getting a push notification. It shows you the actions they take, like buying something or signing up. This way, you can understand how effective your campaigns are and improve them.

With outcome tracking, you can:
– See how users behave and what makes them buy

  • Measure how well your campaigns make people take specific actions
  • Learn how users engage with your app or website after getting a push notification
  • Improve your targeting and messages based on data-driven insights


Custom Event Tracking

Lifecycle Marketing with Pushwoosh Customer Journey

As you implement custom event tracking, you’ll want to identify and measure the specific events that align with your business goals.

You’ll need to distinguish between direct outcomes, such as purchases or sign-ups, influenced outcomes, where the notification sparks a subsequent action, and unattributed outcomes, which can’t be directly linked to the notification.


Direct Outcomes

When you send a push notification, you can see right away if users do things like buy something, sign up for something, or download an app. This helps you understand how effective your push notifications are in reaching your business goals. Tracking these immediate results is important for measuring the success of your push notification campaigns.

Here are some things you can keep an eye on:

  • Conversion rates: Check how many users complete a specific action, like making a purchase or joining a service, right after getting a push notification.
  • Immediate actions: See how many users do a particular thing, such as using a coupon or booking a flight, right after receiving a push notification.
  • User engagement: Watch how push notifications change user behavior, like opening an app more often, and make adjustments to your strategy.
  • Revenue growth: Look at the money made from direct results, like in-app purchases or signing up for subscriptions, to make your push notification plan more profitable.


Influenced Outcomes

When users don’t act right away, it’s because they need more time to think about what to do next. Influenced outcomes show how push notifications can affect user behavior over time. These outcomes happen when a notification influences a user but they don’t act immediately.

To measure these outcomes accurately, you need to use attribution models that consider the delayed impact of your notifications. It can be tricky to connect a user’s eventual action to a specific notification. Using methods like multi-touch attribution or probabilistic attribution can help. These methods can help you understand how push notifications influence behavior and lead to more conversions.


Unattributed Outcomes

When you can’t tell exactly which push notification led to certain actions, it’s hard for marketers to measure the full impact of their campaigns. Figuring out the value of these indirect outcomes is tough, making it tricky to know how well your push notification strategy is working.

Here are the main challenges you’ll face with unattributed outcomes:

  • Data all over the place: Unattributed outcomes involve lots of different touchpoints, so it’s tricky to know which push notification had the most influence.
  • Can’t see clearly: Without clear attribution, it’s hard to figure out how much return on investment (ROI) your push notification campaigns are bringing in.
  • Not getting the right numbers: You might end up thinking your campaigns are doing better or worse than they actually are because you don’t have all the data.
  • Hard to make things better: If you can’t measure accurately, it’s tough to improve and make your push notification strategy even more effective.


Industry-Specific Examples

When companies like online stores, banks, and games use outcome tracking and custom event tracking, they can make their push notifications better. This helps them understand how their messages affect customers and their business.

Here are some examples for different industries:

  • Online Stores (E-commerce):
  • Outcome Tracking: Purchases, Cart Abandonment
  • Custom Event Tracking: Product Views, Wishlist Adds
  • Banks (Finance):
  • Outcome Tracking: Account Logins, Transactions
  • Custom Event Tracking: Credit Score Checks, Loan Applications
  • Games (Gaming):
  • Outcome Tracking: In-Game Purchases, Level Completions
  • Custom Event Tracking: Session Length, Character Upgrades
  • Health and Fitness:
  • Outcome Tracking: Workout Completions, Goal Achievements
  • Custom Event Tracking: Meditation Session Starts, Sleep Tracking

For example, in online stores, they can track purchases and when people leave items in their cart without buying. In games, they can see when players buy things in the game or finish levels.



To make your push notifications work better, you can track outcomes and events to understand how they help your business and engage users.

Here’s how you can do it:
– Use data to make better decisions and engage users.
– Keep customers coming back by tracking the right outcomes.
– Focus on what really matters, like purchases or app opens.
– Learn from the data and keep improving your notifications for better engagement.


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