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11 May, 2024 • 15 min read

User Engagement: A Comprehensive Guide to Combining Push Notifications and Email Campaigns

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Transform your user engagement strategies with a potent mix of push notifications and email campaigns. You can reach your audience effectively, deliver personalized messages, and guide them on their journey. By combining these tools, you create a dynamic interaction that boosts user connection and drives results. Discover the power of this integrated approach and elevate your engagement game to the next level.



If you want more people to engage with your messages, you should mix push notifications and emails. This will help you reach your goal better. You need to use data and make changes to get the best results. Make sure your messages are tailored to each person. This means you need to know what they like. Look at what people do and say to make messages that are just right for them.

To get more people to engage, split them into groups based on what they like. Send messages that match their interests. Try different content to see what works best. Change your plan based on what people like. The key to success is knowing your audience and sending messages they find useful and special. This will make them want to keep coming back for more.

  • Mix push notifications and emails
  • Use data to make changes
  • Tailor messages to each person
  • Split people into groups based on what they like
  • Try different content to see what works best
  • Know your audience to send useful messages


Onboarding and Activation

When welcoming new users, your initial interactions are vital for successful onboarding. The welcome email, first push notification, profile setup email, feature showcase email, and second push notification all play essential roles in guiding users through the activation process.

These touchpoints aim to engage users, provide valuable information, and encourage them to take meaningful actions to set them on the path to success.


Welcome Email

When you get the first email, it says hi to you and starts your welcome journey. This email is made just for you to feel special and get you excited about using the service.

It tells you important things about the platform and asks you to join in. Companies use this email to make you want to explore more.

A good welcome email can make you like the service and want to keep using it.


Push Notification #1

When you start your journey with us, we’ll send you a quick message to help you out. We want to make sure you’re all set up and ready to go. Here’s how we can help:

  • We’ll remind you of important things you need to do.
  • We’ll send you messages that are just for you.
  • We’ll keep you interested so you don’t lose track.
  • We’ll make sure you understand what to do next.


Profile Setup Email

When you get an email to set up your profile, it’s like a guide to help you finish creating your profile the right way. It makes your experience smoother and more personalized. The email tells you exactly what to do to complete your profile and explains why it’s important.

Sometimes, they might even give you cool stuff like discounts or special content to motivate you to finish. By following what the email says, you can make sure your profile is set up well and get personalized experiences that match what you like.

  • Tells you what to do clearly
  • Explains why it’s good for you
  • Offers you cool stuff
  • Helps you interact easily


Feature Showcase Email

Subject: Check Out How Our Cool Features Make Your Life Easier!

Hey there!

Ready to see how awesome our product is? Here’s a quick look at the top things that will make your experience way better:

  • Easy-to-use design: Our platform is super easy to navigate and looks great too!
  • Helpful functions: You can do so much with just a few clicks – it’s like magic!
  • Time-saving tools: Say goodbye to wasting time – our features help you get things done faster.
  • Personalized experience: We make sure everything is just how you like it, so you can enjoy using our product even more.
  • Fun and engaging: Using our platform isn’t just useful, it’s also a lot of fun!

Click on the email to discover how our features can make your day brighter!

Stay awesome!


Push Notification #2

When helping people get started with a new app, the second message you send can remind them to finish important tasks. Here are some tips to make the message more effective:

  • Listen to what users say to make the message better.
  • Keep users interested and excited to keep using the app.
  • Make the message special to show users they’re important and to encourage them to keep going.


Goal Achievement Email

When your users do something awesome, send them a special email to cheer them on and make them feel great. By celebrating their big moments, you can make them feel proud and excited to keep going. It’s important to show them that you care about their hard work and success. This can help them feel more connected to your brand and want to keep using your platform.

Here’s what to include in a goal achievement email:

  • Purpose: Celebrating big milestones
  • Content: Making it personal and friendly
  • Call-to-Action: Encouraging them to do more


Push Notification #3

When you reach a milestone, we want to help you keep going strong on your journey. Here’s how our messages can help you stay motivated:

  • We’ll cheer you on with encouraging messages to keep you going.
  • You can see how far you’ve come by tracking your progress.
  • We’ll guide you on what to do next to keep moving forward.


Ongoing Engagement

To keep users engaged, it’s important to talk to them in a way that feels personal and on time. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Sort users into groups based on what they like so you can send them the right messages.
  • Get to know what users like and how they act so you can make campaigns that matter to them.
  • Split users up by how they use your site or app to chat with them in a way that feels personal.
  • Share stuff they care about and chat with them at the right time to keep them interested.
  • To keep users around and make them feel special, chat with them often and in a way that feels real.
  • Keep an eye on what they want and like to keep them coming back for more.


Promotion and Reminders

Let’s talk about promoting your sales and enticing users with exciting offers.

Starting with a compelling sale announcement email followed by a strategically timed push notification can create a sense of urgency and drive action.

Don’t forget to gently remind users with a sale reminder email and entice them with an exclusive offer email to seal the deal.


Sale Announcement Email

The email about the big sale tells you about upcoming deals or discounts to get you excited. Here are some tips to make the email easy to understand and appealing:

  • Keep It Simple: Make sure the message is clear and shows the good deals well.
  • Use Nice Pictures: Put in fun pictures to catch your eye and make the email look good.
  • Click Here!: Add a clear button so you know exactly what to do to get the offer.


Push Notification #1

Want your promotion notification to grab attention? Follow these simple steps:

  • Keep it short and snappy.
  • Use eye-catching pictures.
  • Tell users what to do.
  • Make it easy to join.
  • Create a sense of urgency.
  • Use clear and direct language.
  • Focus on getting clicks.
  • Offer something valuable.
  • Respect users’ time.


Sale Reminder Email

When you create a Sale Reminder Email, your aim is to get people excited and remind them about the sale. Here are some tips to make your email stand out:

  • Use words and pictures that make people want to buy things.
  • Tell people exactly what you want them to do, like ‘Check out the sale now!’
  • Give special deals or discounts to make people want to buy things.

Follow these tips to make sure your email is clear and gets people interested in the sale.


Push Notification #2

When you send the second push notification for your promotion and reminder strategy, make it urgent so users act right away. Use words that motivate and encourage users to finish important tasks. This message reminds users of what they need to do next.


Exclusive Offer Email

When you want to get people interested in what you’re offering on your site, sending them a special deal by email can really help. Here are some tips to make customers more engaged:

  • Personalized Rewards: Give each person an offer that suits them to make them feel important.
  • Clear Action Steps: Make it easy for users to know what to do to get the special deal.
  • Limited-Time Offer: Tell people they need to act fast because the deal won’t last long.


Push Notification #4

If you want more people to grab your limited-time offers or quick sales, send a catchy Push Notification #4 to bring them to your website or app. Timing is key for this message to work, so send it when it matters most.

These tips will help you keep users interested and engaged in your deals:

  • Use urgency and scarcity to make users act fast.
  • Make the notification fun and exciting to get users to act quickly.
  • Get users to engage and boost your promotion’s success.


Post-Sale Follow-Up

After someone buys something from you, it’s important to thank them and help them know what to do next. Here’s how you can make sure they feel appreciated and keep coming back for more:

  • Say thank you for buying
  • Tell them what to do next
  • Make them want to buy from you again


Cart Abandonment Recovery

When users abandon their shopping carts, it’s a missed opportunity for both parties.

The key to recovering these abandoned carts lies in timely and targeted communication. Utilizing push notifications and strategic email campaigns can help gently remind users, highlight the value of their items, and provide incentives to complete their purchases.


Abandoned Cart Push Notification

When you shop online and leave stuff in your cart without buying, you might get a reminder to reconsider your choices. Here’s what you can expect from abandoned cart push notifications:

  • Reminder Just for You: Get a message about the items you left behind.
  • Pictures and Info: See what you forgot to buy with images and details.
  • Easy Way Back: Go back to your cart easily with a simple click.

These reminders are meant to help you remember what you wanted to buy and make it easier for you to finish your shopping.


Abandoned Cart Email #1

If you ever forgot to buy stuff in your online shopping cart, the first email reminds you about them. It tells you more about the items you left, why they’re cool, and why you should buy them. It asks you to finish the purchase by clicking a button. Sometimes, they might offer you a discount or free shipping to make you want to buy.

Here are some tips for the first reminder email:

  • Talk about why the products are awesome
  • Give suggestions based on what you like
  • Ask you to buy the stuff
  • Give you a special deal to hurry up
  • Keep the message short and sweet
  • Make it look nice with pictures


Cart Reminder Push Notification

When you shop online, you might get a reminder about the items you left in your cart. This reminder can help you remember what you were thinking of buying and encourage you to finish your purchase easily.

  • Get customers interested
  • Keep customers coming back
  • Encourage customers to act with a clear message

This reminder is meant to bring you back to the items you didn’t buy yet. By using both push notifications and emails effectively, businesses can make sure you stay engaged and keep coming back to shop, making it easy for you to buy what you want.


Abandoned Cart Email #2

Hey! If you left stuff in your online cart, here’s a cool deal to help you buy them.

We picked out some things you might like based on what you looked at before. Hurry, these deals are just for you and won’t last long.

Check out these items we think you’ll love and get special discounts made just for you. Don’t wait, come back and grab your favorites now!


Final Cart Reminder Push Notification

Hey there! Your stuff in the cart is waiting for you. Time to finish your purchase! Here’s a reminder to help you out:

  • Just one more step!
  • Get those items you wanted.
  • Click to complete your order.


Post-Recovery Engagement

Want to get people to buy things they left in their online shopping cart? Here’s how to do it in simple steps:

  • Send a reminder on their phone
  • Follow up with an email
  • Give a discount or special offer
  • Send another reminder
  • Keep trying to get them to buy

These steps can help you sell more stuff online!


Order Update Push Notification

Get updates on your orders with our Order Update Push Notifications. Here’s how it helps you:

  • Know your order status easily.
  • Get real-time delivery updates for peace of mind.
  • Enjoy a smooth shopping experience with timely notifications.

These notifications give you the info you need, so you’re always up to date on your purchases.

Stay in the know about your orders and delivery, making your shopping stress-free.


Avoiding Communication Overload

To avoid overwhelming your audience with an influx of messages, segment your users based on their preferences and behaviors. Give them control over their opt-in settings to tailor the frequency and type of communications they receive.

Stay consistent in your communication schedule, confirm your content is relevant to their needs, and implement feedback mechanisms to gauge their satisfaction and adjust accordingly.


Segment Your Audience

Segmenting your audience helps you talk to different groups of people in a way that makes sense to them. Here are some tips to do it well:

  • Sort your audience: Put people into groups based on how they act, what they like, or who they are.
  • Check how people engage: Look at the data to see how interested people are and talk to them in a way that fits.
  • Make things personal: Change what you say to match what each group cares about.


Opt-In and Preference Controls

When you want to change how you get messages, you can pick what you like. This helps you not get too many messages and lets you decide what you want.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Email: Choose to get messages every day, every week, or every month.
  • Push Notifications: Pick if you want to know about new stuff or deals.


Consistent Schedule

To keep people engaged without sending too many messages, it’s important to have a regular schedule for communication. Here are some tips:

  • Plan when to talk to people so they stay interested but not overwhelmed.
  • Use a good mix of notifications and emails to keep everyone up to date.
  • Send messages when people are most likely to pay attention to them.


Content Relevance

If you want to keep your audience interested and informed without overwhelming them, you need to share content that’s super relevant and timely. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Make sure your content is all about what your audience likes and cares about.
  • Tailor your content to fit their preferences and actions.
  • Look at how your audience interacts with your content to see what they like best.
  • Focus on quality, not quantity, to keep your messages on point.
  • Keep your messages personal and focused on what your audience wants to hear.


Feedback Mechanisms

When you want to keep people interested and not overwhelm them with too much talk, it’s important to get feedback right. Here are some simple tips to help you do that:

  • Check Feedback: Look at what people say to know what they like and what they don’t.
  • See How Well You’re Doing: Keep an eye on how people are reacting to what you say and do. This will help you make smart choices based on real facts.
  • Ask People Directly: Use surveys that let people share their thoughts directly. This way, they can help make things better.


The Best of Both Worlds With Feedify

Want to keep people interested and coming back for more? Feedify is great at doing that! They make it easy to send messages through push notifications and emails. Here’s how Feedify helps you:

  • Combines push notifications and email campaigns seamlessly
  • Delivers messages at the right time
  • Makes sure your messages are relevant
  • Helps you connect with users in a smooth way

With Feedify, you can:

  • Send messages that users care about
  • Reach users through different channels
  • Personalize your messages
  • Track how users interact with your messages
  • Improve how you talk to your users

Use Feedify to make users happy and keep them interested in your stuff!



Let’s sum up what we’ve learned to make your user engagement strategies better.

  • After you send out messages: Check how people are reacting to your messages to see what works best.
  • Listen to what users say: Pay attention to what people tell you so you can talk to them in a way they like.
  • Know what users like: Keep an eye on what people like so you can keep them interested and make friends with them for a long time.


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