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17 May, 2024 • 4 min read

The Power of Web Push: You Now’s 19% Retention Surge Unveiled

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As you explore the world of user engagement, you might be wondering what sets apart the most successful platforms from the rest. The answer lies in their ability to re-engage users and prevent attrition. You now, a popular live streaming service, has cracked the code by leveraging web push notifications, resulting in a staggering 19% increase in user retention. But what’s behind this remarkable surge? How did you now manage to rekindle user interest and boost loyalty? The secrets behind this success story are waiting to be uncovered.


Key Takeaways

  • Web push notifications can increase user retention by 19%, as seen in You now’s successful implementation, reducing user attrition and boosting engagement.
  • Personalized and timely web push notifications can keep users loyal, decreasing the likelihood of them leaving and leading to a stronger user base.
  • Web push notifications can re-engage inactive users, driving revenue growth and having a positive impact on businesses seeking to improve user retention.
  • You now’s implementation of web push notifications led to a 19% increase in user retention, with nearly 7 out of 10 users staying after receiving notifications.
  • By leveraging web push notifications, businesses can reduce their churn rate, increase user engagement, and ultimately drive revenue growth.



Push notifications help improve user targeting

In today’s digital world, keeping users interested in your online product can be tough. On average, only about 25% of users stick around. If you own a digital product, you’re always looking for new ways to engage users and make them want to come back.

One effective strategy is using Web push notifications to reconnect with users and encourage them to interact with your product. This can help create a better user experience and keep people coming back for more. But how can you make Web push notifications work for your product?

Let’s dive into the world of Web push notifications to see how they can boost user retention.

Here’s how Web push notifications can help your digital product and improve user retention:

  • Direct Communication: Send messages straight to users’ devices.
  • Personalization: Tailor notifications to individual user preferences.
  • Increased Engagement: Encourage users to interact with your product more frequently.
  • Timely Updates: Keep users informed about new features or updates.

Implementing Web push notifications is a smart move to boost user retention. By using this tool effectively, you can keep your audience engaged and loyal to your digital product.


What are Web Push Notifications?

What is a push notification?

Web push notifications are messages that websites can send you even when you’re not on their website. They help keep you updated and engaged with your favorite sites.

Here’s how they work in simple terms:

  • Service Worker: It’s like a helper that stays in the background and handles sending notifications.
  • Push API: This helps websites get messages and show them to you.
  • User Consent: Before getting notifications, you have to say ‘Yes’ to the website.
  • Web Push Protocol: This is the set of rules that explain how messages are sent and received.
  • Notification: It’s the actual message that pops up on your screen to tell you something.


Benefits of Web Push Notifications

an example of notification blindness from 'spray-and-pray' approach

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10 Steps to Create High-Converting Push Notification Campaigns

10 Steps to Create High-Converting Push Notification Campaigns

10 Steps to Create High-Converting Push Notification Campaigns

10 Steps to Create High-Converting Push Notification Campaigns



Web push notifications can help increase engagement by 25% and reduce people leaving by 15%. You Now, for example, saw a big 19% increase in keeping users interested.

These notifications bring back users who might’ve forgotten about your site. Sending messages that are personalized and on time can make users stay and be more loyal.

Using web push notifications can also stop users from leaving, which means less people going away from your site. This can bring in more money and make your user base stronger.

Including web push notifications in your plan can lead to more engagement and less people leaving, helping your site grow and do well.


Results and Analysis

You Now’s Web push notifications helped keep more users engaged, with a 19% increase in people sticking around and a drop in the number of users leaving.

Here’s a simple breakdown of what happened:

  • More People Stayed: Before, half of the users stayed, but after the Web push notifications, almost 7 out of 10 users stayed.
  • Less People Left: The number of users leaving went down from 30% to 24%.
  • Users Stayed Longer: Users spent 5 more minutes on average in each session.
  • More Users Showed Up: The number of people using the app every week went up from 20,000 to 24,000.
  • More Users Every Month: Users increased from 50,000 to 60,000 each month.



You Now’s success with Web push notifications shows they can boost user retention by 19%. This means more users keep coming back for more, which is great for businesses.

Here’s how Web push notifications can help your business too:

  • Re-engage inactive users
  • Reduce churn
  • Drive revenue growth


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