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15 May, 2024 • 5 min read

7 Proven Push Notification Examples to Win Back Users

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Abandoned Cart Recovery

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You’re likely losing users due to poor engagement strategies, and that’s why you need to incorporate push notifications that resonate with your audience and win them back. Consider using personalized product recommendations to boost sales and increase loyalty. Send abandoned cart reminders to reduce lost sales and encourage purchase completion. Create time-sensitive offers to prompt quick decisions and increase the purchase rate. Event reminders can prevent forgetfulness and enhance user experience. You can also use new feature announcements to keep users engaged, customer feedback requests to gather user input, and loyalty program updates to motivate loyalty. Now, explore these examples to create a winning strategy.

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Key Takeaways

Use personalized product recommendations to re-engage users with relevant offers and boost sales.
Send abandoned cart reminders to reduce lost sales and encourage purchase completion.
Create time-sensitive offers to prompt quick decisions and increase the purchase rate.
Leverage event reminders to prevent forgetfulness and assist with event attendance.
Request customer feedback to gather user input and improve the overall app experience.


Personalized product recommendations

When you get a message on your phone that asks an exciting question and then shows you all the cool products available, it can help you find new things you like and buy more stuff.

This kind of personalized suggestion is a great way to get you interested and make more sales. By sending you notifications based on what you like, companies can make sure you see products you’re likely to want.

This not only boosts sales but also makes your shopping experience more personal and enjoyable. By using your data and what you do online, businesses can send you messages that you’ll like, leading to more purchases and loyalty.

Adding personalized recommendations to their messages can help companies get more people interested and buying from them.


Abandoned cart reminders

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When you forget to finish buying stuff online, a reminder can help you remember and complete your purchase.

Most people leave their online shopping carts without buying, which makes businesses lose money. To get these customers back, businesses use strategies like sending reminders to finish their purchase.

Here are three ways to make these reminders work:

  • Hurry up!: Tell people to buy quickly before the special deal ends.
  • Say their name: Use their name and tell them about discounts or rewards they can get.
  • Make it simple to come back: Give them a direct link to their shopping cart so they can easily finish buying.


Time-sensitive offers

Your favorite brands use limited-time offers to make you feel like you need to buy something quickly before the deal goes away. This makes you worry about missing out and pushes you to decide fast. It works because people like getting things right away.

When you get a notification about a limited-time deal, you’re more likely to act on it. Sending urgent notifications can really help businesses sell more. For example, if you get a message saying ‘Hurry! 20% off everything for the next 48 hours,’ you’re likely to buy something right away.

This works great for online stores, as it pushes customers to complete their purchases before the deal ends. By using time-sensitive offers in your notifications, you can make people feel like they need to buy now, boosting sales and making more money.


Event reminders

Clash of Clans push notification

Forgetting important stuff sucks, right? But don’t worry, reminders can save the day! Push notifications are like little helpers that remind you about events or appointments. They’re super handy, especially for things like webinars, conferences, or appointments that need you to do something.

Here are some tips for making awesome event reminders:

  • Keep it short: Make your reminder quick and simple, no need for extra stuff.
  • Send it at the right time: Remind people 24 hours before the event to get them excited.
  • Give a clear action: Tell them what to do, like ‘Join Now’ or ‘Remind Me Later’, to get them moving.


New feature announcements

Exciting news! There are cool new things in the app, and we’ll let you know about them with push notifications. This way, you’ll know what’s new and get excited to try it out.

Push notifications help you stay engaged with the app and try out all the fun features.

Check out these examples of notifications about new features:

  • ‘Explore our new filters!’
  • ‘We’ve improved our search function!’
  • ‘Introducing our new design tool!’
  • ‘We’ve made video playback even better!’

These notifications are meant to tell you about new stuff and get you to give it a try.


Customer feedback requests

We want to hear from you! Help us make the app better by sharing your thoughts through quick and easy feedback requests on your device.

We send you special requests to get your opinions and ideas, so we can improve the app for you.

Here’s how we make giving feedback super simple:

  • Short surveys: We ask you a few questions that you can answer with just a few taps.
  • Reminders: We remind you to give feedback at the right time, so you can share your thoughts when it matters.
  • Easy ratings: You can rate things easily with simple scales to tell us what you think.


Loyalty program updates

Hey there! Are you close to moving up to a higher level in your rewards program or getting cool stuff with your points? It’s important to know about any updates on your loyalty rewards so you can keep track of your progress.

These updates can help you stay excited and involved in the program.

  • Silver Tier: Get 10% off your next purchase
  • Gold Tier: Enjoy free shipping and a 15% discount
  • Platinum Tier: Get special access to new products
  • Diamond Tier: Receive personalized customer service
  • Elite Tier: Attend VIP events and get early access to stuff


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