Why you should not opt Izooto for Browser Push Notification

A comparative study of Izooto with Feedify

Feedify Vs Izooto

Feedify = Customer engagement = Visitor Management = Set of tools = Push Notification, After Sale Feedback, Visitor feedback, Review mechanism, Geo targeted offer Pop-ups, Custom Notifications, Targetted Surveys, Custom Social Widgets and Newsletter Templates.




Izooto = Re-engagement = Single tool = Push Notification.

So after assessing the major difference in terms of features and offerings let us settle on the common ground and assess what Feedify offers in term of push notification and what izooto offers.

Izooto seems to have published multiple Blogs comparing itself with its peers that offer almost the same services or exactly the same services but with a very slight differences. For instance customizing the opt-in template becomes “Rich Push Notifications” which happens to be a default feature of thr push service and push notification for Desktop and Mobile is differenciated on the basis of browsers and Safari in Mac is also known as Safari in desktop.

All the basic features like CTA Buttons, Banner images and delivery report mechanism have been highlighted and given a hype of giving something extra or portraying as if no other services are offering the same. The fact that CTA buttons and Banner images works only on chrome and not on Safari or Firefox for that matter has no where been mentioned.


All the features that are currently offered by all the browsers in the push notification service are mentioned below –

Some service provider might change their names or put it in way as to present things in an optimized manner but more or less from the perspective of functionality nothing is beyond it. If at all there will be, we would immediately update the article so that our reader remain updated with the latest trends.

Targeting – On the basis of Location, Time zone and Time delay – ( Timing when the template be shown to an incoming visitors)






Scheduling – Automate create a push and save the date and time it will be delieverd precisely at that timing.


Adding interactive buttons – Only chrome offers this feature of adding interactive (CTA – Call or Click to action buttons)

Analytics – That is tracking of the geolocation of the subscriber base. when once a visitor clicks on the Allow notification button, the website knows the geolocation of the subscrber as well.


Opt-in Template – Customization of the opt-in or alert message template for asking a visitor to subscribe.

Event call – Showing the opt in template for asking a visitor or customer to subscribe on any particular page other than the home page or any other section on the website.

Two step process – (Applicable for SSL as well as NON-SSL websites)- If a service provider customize the opt-in template then the process of subscription becomes a two step process. A visitor has to first click on the Allow button of the template that takes it to another window asking the visitor to click on the second Allow button for subscription.


One step process – Only for SSL websites. In this method a visitor or a customer is asked to click on the Allow button only once and the vistor’s browser is subscribed.


Linking – Providing a provision to add the link of the landing page when someone clicks on the notification.

Chrome Specific features –
CTA Buttons – Chrome allows maximum number of two buttons to be customized and pushed along with image and text.


Banner images – Specific to Chrome. A banner image to glorify or to make the push notification attractive so that it gets high click rate.


Segmentation – By far the best and most powerful feature, a website can be broken into any number of segment for instance – for an e-commerce platform (Men clothing, Footwear, Female Clothing, Add to cart etc are segments).
One could know which of the subscribers are browsing through which segment. If a subscriber clicks on Men’s Clothing and a segment code is placed there. It immediately registers the subscriber under that segment. To such a subscriber relevant content can be pushed. To such a subscriber a notification ccn be directly sent or it can be scheduled for the entire segment.

Report – The push notifications that are sent how many of them are delievered, and to how many number of subscribers they are sent and what are the number of clicks on them all of it can be accessed.


Mobile – In Mobile Ios or Iphone for that matter does not allow push notification service that leaves us with the two options – Windows and Android. Windows is using internet-Explorer and now Edge which does not allow this service as well. So we come to our Android users. For Android mobile users browsing to websites using – Firefox or Chrome rather than any other browser this feature is available. For Mobile users as well websites have an option of going through the two step or single step(for SSL only websites) process depending upon the user behavior on the website.

Now let us have a comparison between the features offered by Feedify and Izooto.






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