Web Push Notifications in Opera

In the new upgrade in Opera for Android devices web push notifications have been introduced. The name of this release is Opera 25. With this new addition, websites or web applications can now send notifications to users in the Android notification drawer (by taking their consent), reaching them with the updates of new features and services or luring them with lucrative content – regardless of whether or not the browser is running.

source – https://blogs.opera.com/mobile/2016/06/ad-blocking-push-notifications-opera-android/


One can check this out by visiting any social networking platform let’s say Facebook and tap to allow the notifications . After sometime one could view the incoming notifications in the Android notifications area. In a lot of cases, one could find oneself wondering as to what was the need to install a native app if the web app is so friendly and exactly similar to native application.

Web push notifications in Opera are now available in the latest developer build. Opera is a Chromium based browser which at around 2013 used to operate on its own engine Presto, Presto has been recetly replaced by Chromium. Opera has implemented W3C Specifications and opted for a native OS push alert. W3C Web Notifications API (https://www.w3.org/TR/notifications/) permits the web browsers to deliver notifications to their users. So that websites can engage their visitors even when the web-page is not active.

There is no guideline in W3C specifications as to how the notification should appear in the front-end, rather then experimenting with the design Opera chose to go with the native settings, so that it gives a completely integrated fell to the users and appears in complete sync with The Opera’s aesthetics.

Opera took some time to opt for push notifications to be introduced into its browser even though it was implemented for quite some time in the Chromium project because they wanted that the push notifications should give a look and feel of a completely native environment to their users and they took some time to work upon that and then finally released it.

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