Upgrade Sales With Push Notifications

Push and pull forces are all around us, even in the digital world. The one you might not be familiar with, or are unaware of its importance, would be the push notification. Also known as a server push notification, the information delivered is done automatically, rather than a user pulling, or requesting, the information. You might know these as “opt-in” services on mobile devices, and there are several components that make push notifications essential to building your online presence.

Push notifications do a lot of things, like randomly displaying relevant ads, game scores, and weather forecasts. But for you, push notifications are one example of how to engage website customers.

Push Notification

What Push Notifications Do Exactly
You can image these useful functions as spoon feeding useful content to the users of your app or website that increases their interest in what you have to offer them. In other words, you can actively speak to the user.

Push notifications are great because they do not get caught in spam filters or lost in inboxes. Most pop-up on idle screens or while a website customer is surfing through content. Because of this, push notifications work like reminders, preventing a user from forgetting about your app.

Effectiveness of Push Notifications
Back in 2009, when Apple launched their Apple Push Notification Service (APNs), no one really knew just how effective APNs would be at driving content. Since then, there have been many improvements to push notifications for all operating systems (OSPNS). Whatever you and your eCommerce customers are using–iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Safari–there are push notification publishing services for you.

In 2016, it was reported that with the integration of OSPNS, opt-in rates for eCommerce rose to 46%. This might not seem like a huge number, but keep in mind that all subscribers to your content are receiving your messages. Because of this stream of information, active engagement has tripled.

However, another recent study done by Segment was published in May 2016. The research analyzed 1.5 billion push notifications (both web and mobile) to reveal what was the optimal opt-in notification to send to you customers. Effectiveness was divided up into several points: immediate delivery, scheduled delivery, optimal time (algorithm-based), and behavior-based. Although optimal time was high with conversion rates, the data confirmed that while there are peak times throughout different time zones, everything came down to behavior-based push notifications.

For example, a travel app will launch a notification when recently search flight prices have dropped or the second to last seat is taken. Or while shopping Amazon, a pop-up might display other websites offering cheaper prices.

Segment research even concluded that behavior-based push results were opened 800% more often than immediate, random messages.

Push Notification

How to Use Web Push Notifications Wisely
You already have awesome content and ideas. Now get more people interested in what is being offered to increase sales exponentially.

Here is how to use push notifications to your benefit:
● Ask for immediate opt-in upon application or software installation;
● Make it available to every platform: PC, mobile, Mac, and iOS to name a few. If a person can get the same alerts as they surf the web on the computer while out shopping, this increases the value of your web push notifications;
● Present the value of these opt-in notifications. Are there secret discounts, offers, recommendations, or other time sensitive issues that only those who opt-in will receive?
● Consider also implementing cart abandonment and helpful usage tips.
● Allow for notification customization

In short, push notifications are revolutionizing the way sellers are communicating with buyers. Through push notifications you can send tidbits of useful information to opt-in users based on time zone or behaviors. These little blurbs that appear on a customer’s smartphone screen or at the corner of their browser’s search bar are essential for increasing sales, engagement, and making the most of your application.

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