How to gain more subscribers using Browser Push Notification

Accelerate the rate of subscription for push notification using native opt in settings.

Native opt-in setting is another option through which a high number of subscribers can be achieved.

There are two methods available for acquiring subscribers.

These are Single click Native browser opt-in and Double click customized template message opt-in.

Let us first describe the two step process of customized template message opt-in option –
The main advantage of this method is that one can customize an opt-in alert message its content, the color of the buttons (Allow, Deny, Not Now) to match it to the interface and design of the website on which it is placed.

Once can be very creative with the design and get the visitors attraction using a very humble request for subscription.
The main disadvantage it has in comparison to native opt-in option is that its a two step process. In the first step it requests a visitor or user to click on the “Allow” to get subscribed or to get notification from the website.
The next step opens up another browser window and this time the message appears as if its a native opt-in option with the website’s link replacing the message body this time along with the simplistic interface requesting the user to once again click on the “Allow” button.
In some cases users might get confused and would feel that they have been redirected to another website and close the new tab prior to its loading completely.
If that would be the case then the user is not subscribed to that particular service and would not receive any notification from it.
In some other cases even if the new tab is completely loaded asking the user again for the same thing i.e click the “Allow” button to receive notification is like adding unecessary step or repeating the same process twice.

Lets get back to our Single click native browser opt-in option –
The main advantage here is that user does not have undergo through the process of two steps, its a single click subsciption once the alert is triggered and the “Allow” button is clicked the user becomes a subscriber instantly and gets a thank you message or any acknowledgement for subscribing to the service.
The main disadvantages of this method are that it only works on “SSL or HTTPS” websites while still a large number of websites in the market are still using” non -SSL or HTTP” protocol. Another major lag is its very simplistic design and no option available for customization, Native opt-in is very simple and blank.


We have these two opt-ins options for allowing push notification service.
Over the period of time it has been observed that native opt-in option helps in accumulating more subscribers that customized template opt-in.
Its simplicity and functionality has helped achieved websites gain more number of subscribers using a single click.
People who have been using a customized template and then have switched to the native opt-in have on comparison found out that due to its simple nature and less steps involved in the process of subscription its more likely to get more number of subscribers over the same span or duration of time than what one can get in
customized templates opt-in option.

As it is rightly said “Simplicity is the highest form of Complexity”

This principle can be clearly seen in application between the two opt-in options for using push notification.
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